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Legacy / Übergabe
Harry Fisher



  Harry Fisher  was one of about 2,800 U.S. volunteers who went to fight in the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War.
The commitment they made there keeps inspiring and encouraging people around the world to continue the good fight for a better world, peace, and justice.























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Harry Fisher

March 12, 1911 - March 22, 2003

Photograph courtesy Emi Ithen

"Man's dearest possession is life. It is given to him but once, and he must live it so as to feel no torturing regrets for wasted years, never know the burning shame of a mean and petty past; so live that, dying, he might say: all my life, all my strength were given to the finest cause in all the world — the fight for the Liberation of Mankind."

(Nikolai Ostrovsky: "How the Steel was Tempered")



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