Thoughts and Reflections on Harry Fisher                     

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From: Erika Baatz, Germany
Date: 27 Mar 2003



A dreadful war has started. Although the international weapons inspectors worked quite successful, their activities were interrupted, because the president of the US and his lobby planned this war, and there were mainly economic reasons. This war is inhuman, is the opposite of all social progress. People will die, residential buildings and historic monuments will be destroyed. After the political change in Eastern Germany it was one of my dreams to see your beautiful country, and I started to prepare a travel. But when I planned my first visit, the hell of September 11 came, and when I thought about another one, the preparation of the war on Iraq became obvious. Will I see your wonderful cities and countryside, your peaceful, friendly people one day? Letís go together for peace, letís think of real American heroes like Harry Fisher!

Erika Baatz

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